About Larry Olson Custom Homes

The Home Builder Expert

For over 45 years, Larry Olson has been building, maintaining, and servicing homes in the Midwest region. Larry began his career working for a builder while attending technical school, eventually graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a bachelor of science in industrial engineering with an emphasis in building construction. After graduation, Larry continued working for other builders until he went off on his own and started Larry Olson Custom Homes in February 2006. At the time, his main focus was helping dreamers design their ideal homes — and then bringing that design to life. But homeowners were also seeking out Larry to help them remodel, maintain, and manage the service needs of their unique state-of-the-art homes, whether Larry built their house or not. 

When the home building market crashed in 2008, Larry naturally expanded into the home maintenance and management industry. Over the years, this part of Larry Olson Custom Homes has grown exponentially and become the heart of Larry’s business.

Whether you are looking for a skilled home builder to help you capture your vision or you need a trusted and knowledgeable expert to maintain and manage the service needs of your house while you are away, Larry Olson Custom Homes is the expert.